A wide range of circular connectors available for multiple applications

11-01-2024 | Lane Electronics | Industrial

Lane Electronics supplies Souriau connectors, which are ideal for aerospace, defence, security, and motorsport applications.

The company can provide many these suppliers' key products on short lead times from their extensive stock, which can be found on their online store, as well as offering technical and product selection support to customers. As an approved assembler, it can also quickly supply connectors assembled in-house to meet customer needs.

These high-performance connectors include the 8STA, the 8TA, and Microcomp ranges, which are widely used in motorsport applications. The 8D Series/MIL-DTL-38999 series III lightweight scoop-proof connector with screw coupling is offered in aluminium, stainless steel, titanium or composite materials, all designed for harsh environments.

Other product types available from the company include 8LT/38999 series I lightweight scoop-proof, high-density connectors with bayonet coupling and a range of high-density, high power, micro, JVS/CECC in marine bronze and Elio fibre-optic connectors for defence, industrial, marine and aeronautical purposes, all derived from the proven 38999 design for power, signal and fibre-optic transmission.

A full range of connector accessories manufactured by Weald Electronics is also offered to suit the Souriau 8STA, 8D/38999 series III connectors. These accessories include straight and right-angled backshells to suit multiple cable sizes and styles, protective caps, nut plates, heat shrink boots and gaskets.


By Seb Springall