ARM 32-bit extension unlocks new deployment options for edge connector products

24-01-2024 | Softing | Industrial

By integrating ARM 32-bit compatibility into its edgeConnector products, Softing Industrial is reacting to the increasing need for edge applications using ARM processors.

Previously, these solutions were only obtainable for integration into large PCs. In June last year, the integration of ARM 64-bit was successfully implemented. Now the company offers the latest version 3.80 of edgeConnector Siemens, edgeConnector 840D and edgeConnector Modbus, which also provides ARM 32-bit support for compact hardware solutions.

"The introduction of ARM 32-bit compatibility in our edgeConnector products marks an important step in our innovation strategy," explains Abel Jimenez, product manager at Softing Industrial. "This development opens up the possibility for our customers to use our solutions in a wider range of devices for edge applications, such as WAGO Compact Controller 100, WAGO PFC 200, and Open-Source Hardware Boards like Allwinner A20. We remain committed to providing the most advanced and flexible solutions for the changing needs of the industrial environment."

The Docker-based software modules of the product family allow access to process data in SIMATIC S7, SINUMERIK 840D and Modbus TCP controllers. They can be deployed quickly, run on standard hardware, and readily managed centrally. They supply users with a straightforward and secure way to integrate data from production into innovative and flexible industrial IoT solutions.


By Seb Springall