High-power connectors offer an easy-to-install and cost-effective solution

08-12-2023 | TTI Europe | Industrial

TTI Europe now stocks RadLok high-power connectors from Amphenol Industrial for energy storage, battery and device power interconnects. These 1000VDC connectors offer current ratings from 70A to 500A and supply high-cycle durability of at least 500 mating cycles.

Based on the company's R4 Radsok technology, these connectors are compact and robust. Mating pins and receptacles are obtainable for busbar and panel mount configurations with lug, thread or mating RadLok pin terminations. The single-finger operation lock mechanism removes the necessity for extra tools and mounting hardware, easing installation and routine maintenance. The connectors are obtainable in six pin sizes, from 3.6mm to 14mm, and can accommodate wire gauges up to 150mm².

"The quick lock and press-to-release design make Amphenol RadLok the ideal choice for use in energy storage systems where a reliable, easy-to-install, and cost-effective solution is required," says Markus Lorenz, director industry marketing – Industrial Europe, TTI. "Industry standard crimp connections as well as screw and busbar variants offer flexibility and eliminate the need for special torque tools."

By Seb Springall