First SiC MOSFETs raise the bar for robust and reliable power switching

06-12-2023 | Nexperia | Power

Nexperia offers its first SiC MOSFETs by releasing two 1200V discrete devices in three-pin TO-247 packaging with RDS(on) values of 40mOhm and 80mOhm. NSF040120L3A0 and NSF080120L3A0 are the first in a series of planned releases which will see the company's SiC MOSFET portfolio quickly expand to include devices with various RDS(on) values in a selection of through-hole and surface mounted packages. This release meets the market demand for the increased availability of high-performance SiC MOSFETs in industrial applications, including EV charging piles, UPS and inverters for solar and ESS.

"With these inaugural products, Nexperia and Mitsubishi Electric wanted to bring true innovation to a market that has been crying out for more wide-bandgap device suppliers", according to Katrin Feurle, senior director and head of Product Group SiC at Nexperia. "Nexperia can now offer SiC MOSFET devices which offer best-in-class performance across several parameters, including high RDS(on) temperature stability, low body diode voltage drop, tight threshold voltage specification as well as a very well-balanced gate charge ratio making the device safe against parasitic turn on. This is the opening chapter in our commitment to producing the highest quality SiC MOSFETs in our partnership with Mitsubishi Electric. Together, we will undoubtedly push the boundaries of SiC device performance over the coming years."

"Together with Nexperia, we're thrilled to introduce these new SiC MOSFETs as the first product of our partnership", says Toru Iwagami, Senior General Manager, Power Device Works, Semiconductor & Device Group in Mitsubishi Electric. "Mitsubishi Electric has accumulated superior expertise of SiC power semiconductors, and our devices deliver a unique balance of characteristics."

RDS(on) is a critical performance parameter for SiC MOSFETs as it impacts conduction power losses. The company identified this as a limiting factor in the performance of many currently available SiC devices. It used its innovative process technology to ensure its new SiC MOSFETs deliver industry-leading temperature stability, with the nominal value of RDS(on) increasing by only 38% over an operating temperature range from 25C to 175C, unlike many other currently available SiC devices on the market.

Together with the positive temperature coefficient of SiC MOSFETs, the SiC MOSFETs also deliver ultra-low spread in device-to-device threshold voltage, VGS(th), which allows very well-balanced current-carrying performance under static and dynamic conditions when devices are operated in parallel. Furthermore, low body diode forward voltage (VSD) is a parameter which increases device robustness and efficiency while also relaxing the dead-time necessity for asynchronous rectification and freewheel operation.

By Seb Springall