Widest ever selection of 19" rack cases

20-11-2023 | Metcase | Industrial

COMBIMET is METCASE's biggest and most popular range of 19" rack cases with original, open-top, smooth/solid-top and super-deep versions.

The bestselling rack case is the company's most advanced and cost-effective 19" enclosure. Applications include networking, communications, sound/studio systems, laboratory instruments and industrial computers/control technology.

These smart aluminium enclosures have a flat, bezel-less front for faster manufacturing in custom sizes. Distinctive front panel handles make pulling the cases from racks quick and easy for inspection and maintenance.

The robust enclosure has a removable top, base and rear panels. The top and base can be selected vented or unvented as standard. Inside, there are mounting holes in the base for PCBs and chassis. All panels have M4 earth studs.

The enclosure is available in heights of 1U to 6U and depths of 265mm and 365mm as standard. A 24"/609.6mm super-deep version provides more space for server rack applications.

Open-top Version T maximises ventilation. This version is 2U/3U high and 365mm deep. A smooth/solid-top version has an unvented wraparound cover and removable base and rear panels. Unlike the original enclosure, this version has no visible fixing screws on the top. It is 1U high and 265/365mm deep.

The enclosure is available in light grey (RAL 7035) or black (RAL 9005) as standard. The front panel is anodised aluminium. Custom colours are available on request.

The enclosures can be selected in custom heights up to 12U and bespoke widths and depths. Other modification services include custom front panels, CNC machining, fixings and inserts, and photo-quality digital printing of legends, logos and graphics.


By Seb Springall

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