Two-channel 8-bit smart DAC with turn-indicator animation and fade-in fade-out control

15-11-2023 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

The Texas Instruments DAC43901-Q1 and DAC43902-Q1 ( DAC4390x-Q1) are a family of automotive, 8-bit smart DACs with dual and quad PWM outputs. The DAC43901-Q1 supplies two PWM outputs, and the DAC43902-Q1 has four PWM outputs. The DAC channels also serve as trigger inputs or outputs. The DAC4390x-Q1 offers a preconfigured state machine that logic generates logarithmic dimming with configurable timings. The PWM-based logarithmic dimming is applicable in logarithmic fade-in and fade-out applications in automotive interior and exterior lighting. The DAC4390x-Q1 also supports sequential animation applicable for automotive turn-indicator lights.

These devices supply NVM for storing the configurations. These smart DACs function without the requirement for a processor (processor-less operation) employing GPIOs and NVM.

These devices automatically detect I2C or SPI and have an internal reference. The feature set, together with the tiny package and low power, make the smart DACs an exceptional selection for applications in automotive light animation.


By Seb Springall

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