New eBook offers expert insights on embedded security

30-11-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive & Transport

Mouser has published a new eBook produced in collaboration with global semiconductor leader Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), which explores strategies for overcoming challenges confronting designers of embedded security.

Today's embedded devices are expected to measure, store, and communicate data and upgrade firmware securely, but each function depicts a system vulnerability point. In 'Embedded Security: Keeping Edge Data Safe, ' experts from ADI and other companies closely examine embedded security concepts and their importance.

Even if designers implement secure design principles in their devices, they would only be for something if the end-user securely operates their device. The first chapter, 'Secure Use Management', discusses ensuring that devices are employed in the intended way. In 'Trusted Operations for Connected Products', secure communication protocols, certificates, and credentials are shown to be crucial. The chapter on 'Factory Provisioning' explains the secure key injection process in which OEMs and factories collaborate to ensure the secure installation of secrets. In the final chapter, 'Convergence of IT and OT Networks', the increasing overlap of IT and operational technology addresses additional security concerns.

ADI has a long history in embedded security and provides its customers with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, many of which are highlighted in the eBook. The DS28E30 1-Wire ECDSA secure authenticator is a turnkey authentication solution ideal for the authentication and calibration of medical tools and peripherals. The MAXQ1065 ultra-low-power cryptographic coprocessor features ChipDNA PUF, configurable security policies, TLS protocol, and x.509 certificates management, simplifying the implementation of complete security for IoT devices. Automotive secure authenticators, such as the DS28C40, help prevent third parties from cloning safety-critical components for after-market vehicle parts. The DS28E83 radiation-resistant 1-Wire secure authenticator delivers high radiation resistance, allowing user-programmable manufacturing or calibration data before medical sterilisation.

By Seb Springall