Automotive SoC targeted at ADAS and AV applications

27-11-2023 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

The Texas Instruments TDA4VH, TDA4AH, TDA4VP, and TDA4AP processor family is based on the evolutionary Jacinto 7 architecture, targeted at ADAS and AV applications and constructed on extensive market knowledge accumulated over a decade of the company’s leadership in the ADAS processor market.

The unique combination of high-performance compute, deep-learning engine, and dedicated accelerators for signal and image processing in a functional safety-compliant targeted architecture make the devices a great fit for many imaging, vision, radar, sensor fusion and AI applications such as robotics, mobile machineries, off-highway vehicle controller, machine vision, AI BOX, gateways, retail automation, medical imaging, and so on.

The devices provide high-performance compute for traditional and deep learning algorithms at industry-leading power/performance ratios with a high level of system integration to facilitate scalability and lower costs for advanced automotive platforms supporting multiple sensor modalities in centralised ECUs or stand-alone sensors.

Key cores include next-generation DSP with scalar and vector cores, dedicated deep learning and traditional algorithm accelerators, the latest Arm and GPU processors for general compute, an integrated next-generation imaging subsystem, video codec, Ethernet hub and isolated MCU island. All are protected by automotive-grade safety and security hardware accelerators.

By Seb Springall