Offering design engineers and hobbyists the latest Raspberry Pi products

04-10-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Industrial

Mouser now offers design engineers, pro makers, and hobbyists worldwide the latest Raspberry Pi products. Sourced directly from Raspberry Pi, the complete catalogue of SBC, embedded devices, and peripherals is available, with full traceability and authenticity from the manufacturer.

"Mouser is excited about this expanded partnership with Raspberry Pi," said Andy Kerr, Mouser Electronics vice president of Supplier Marketing. "With their line of industrial-ready products, customers across the globe now have access to an expanded offering of innovative, scalable products that are certified, low-cost, powerful and production ready."

"Mouser's global reach enables us to extend our customer base to offer powerful and easy-to-use products to people of all skill levels," said Mike Buffham, chief commercial officer of Raspberry Pi. "Known for their best-in-class distribution, outstanding service and exceptional customer reach, Mouser is a valued strategic partner for us. We look forward to this expansion opportunity."

Robust and affordable, the technology has been deployed in tens of thousands of applications in various industries worldwide. The compact form factor, ease of use, and availability of expansion options make the devices ideal for simple educational projects, complex maker designs, and industrial applications. With solutions built using Pi's technology, users can access an enterprise-class system without the cost and complexity of traditional hardware products.

The products now offered by Mouser include Compute Module 4, RP2040 microcontroller; Pico, Pico H, and Pico W, and Camera Module 3.

By Seb Springall