IGBTs for energy-efficient power applications

04-09-2023 | Infineon | Power

Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its seventh generation TRENCHSTOP IGBT family with the discrete 650V IGBT7 H7 variant. The devices offer a cutting-edge EC7 co-packed diode with an advanced emitter-controlled design and high-speed technology to meet the escalating demand for environmentally conscious and highly efficient power solutions. Utilising the latest micro-pattern trench technology, the device delivers excellent control and performance, resulting in notable loss reduction, enhanced efficiency and higher power density. Consequently, the device is excellent for various applications such as string inverters, ESS, EV charging applications, and conventional applications such as industrial UPS and welding.

In a discrete package, the device can supply up to 150A. The portfolio incorporates variants from 40A to 150A, provided in four different package types: TO-247-3 HCC, TO-247-4, TO-247-3 Plus and TO-247-4 Plus. The TO-247-3 HCC variant of the device features a high creepage distance. For improved performance, the TO-247 four-pin packages (standard: IKZA, Plus: IKY) are especially ideal, as they not only reduce switching losses but also provide extra benefits such as lower voltage overshoot, minimised conduction losses and the lowest reverse current loss. With these features, it simplifies the design and minimises the necessity to connect devices in parallel.

Also, the IGBT provides robust moisture resistance for reliable operation in harsh environments. The device is qualified for industrial use according to the relevant tests of JEDEC47/20/22, particularly HV-H3TRB, making it ideal for outdoor applications. Designed to satisfy the demand for green and efficient power applications, the IGBT delivers notable improvements over the previous generations. As a result, it is the ideal complement for the NPC1 topology often employed in applications such as solar and ESS.

By Seb Springall