Hermetically sealed RF connectors and adapters released

27-09-2023 | Fairview Microwave | Industrial

Fairview Microwave has expanded its hermetic adapters and connectors product line. These connectors and adapters satisfy the rigorous demands of defence customers and are engineered for environments that need a rugged seal.

The new line provides hermetically sealed terminal connectors and bulkhead-mount adapters tailored to deliver reliable sealing in harsh conditions. They offer flexibility and compatibility with various applications with diverse connector options, including BNC, N, TNC, SMA, 2.92mm and 2.4mm.

These products adhere to MIL-STD-348B connector interfaces and provide the quality and reliability that the defence industry demands. Also, they are built to function in a wide range of temperatures, permitting usage in harsh environments.

The benefits of these advanced connectors and adapters are many. They are designed for areas needing a rugged seal, providing robust construction. The product line also has top-of-the-line electrical performance, standing up to even the most challenging tasks. These components ensure reliability and efficiency by providing leak rates of 1x10-6 and 1x10-8 helium per second.

“Our new line of hermetically sealed RF connectors and adapters shows our commitment to providing innovative solutions for the mil/defence sectors,” said Kevin Hietpas, product line manager. “By combining rugged construction with superior electrical performance, we are ensuring that our customers have access to products that excel in extreme environments.”

By Seb Springall