Expanded range of anti-sulfur chip resistors suit multiple applications

11-09-2023 | Stackpole | Passives

More markets are demanding high-precision resistors. Applications such as automotive, industrial, and lighting may also require anti-sulfur performance, which makes many common thick film resistors inappropriate.

Stackpole Electronic’s RNCP thin film chip resistor series provides high precision with tolerances down to 0.1%, TCR as low as 10ppm, and anti-sulfur capability with shifts of less than 2% under industry standard EIA-977 testing.

Unlike thick film resistors, the devices do not require a lead-containing dielectric glass, supplying customers with a RoHS-compliant solution without exemptions. The range provides a low-cost, reliable, thin film solution for high-volume products by including high-speed manufacturing processes.


By Seb Springall

Seb Springall is a seasoned editor at Electropages, specialising in the product news sections. With a keen eye for the latest advancements in the tech industry, Seb curates and oversees content that highlights cutting-edge technologies and market trends.