Connectivity and location products support automotive and consumer applications

05-09-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser provides a wide product portfolio from u-blox to support the design process for its customers in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

The company stocks more than 250 different products from u-blox and 393-part numbers available to order. High-performance products include the SARA-R510AWS LTE-M AWS IoT ExpressLink module, a turnkey solution designed to access AWS IoT Services over LTE-M securely. The SARA-R510AWS module is optimised for the fast and easy development of secure IoT devices. The module provides extremely low power consumption, making it an excellent option for battery-powered applications.

The ZED-F9R GNSS module uses all four GNSS constellations simultaneously, supplying high-precision positioning with the highest possible availability. The module offers sophisticated built-in algorithms, combining IMU data, GNSS measurements, wheel ticks, and a dedicated, dynamic model to deliver highly accurate positioning.

The M2-JODY-W3 modules are card modules that deliver the highest data rates in Wi-Fi utilising the most advanced Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology. The modules also support Bluetooth LE options such as extended advertising, long-range, and a 2Mbit/s data rate. The card modules are perfect for automotive and industrial applications, including in-car access points for internet access, hands-free in-car equipment, medical applications, and security and surveillance devices.

The MIA-M10 standard precision GNSS modules supply exceptional acquisition times and sensitivity for L1 GNSS systems. The modules support power consumption of less than 25mW in continuous tracking mode, allowing notable power autonomy for battery-operated devices such as asset trackers.


By Seb Springall

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