More computing power and less greenhouse gas on GAN-based notebook adapters

24-08-2023 | Infineon | Power

Infineon Technologies AG delivers high performance with smaller size and lower energy loss in power conversion using semiconductors based on GaN. Chicony Power Technology is expanding its partnership with Infineon to improve the performance of its latest PD3.1 notebook adapter series. In bolstering their collaboration, the two companies will supply end customers with highly efficient power solutions based on GaN, with a smaller form factor and higher power density.

With the latest USB PD 3.1 standard and Chicony's core competitiveness in power adapters, it chose Infineon's CoolGaN and CoolMOS technology to realise the latest PD3.1 notebook power adapter series with best-in-class performance. The new adapter series can deliver no less than a 30% increase in power density due to the new topology and exhibits outstanding performance in switching and conduction losses. The new power adapter series can supply up to 240W compared to the 100W defined in USB 3.0 and charges high-performance notebooks such as gaming computers and multimedia workstations through USB-C power delivery. The new power adapter series can be employed as a universal power supply for multiple electronic devices.

"We use our unique expertise in gallium nitride technology, in applications and system solutions to make high-performance computing more efficient and more mobile," said Adam White, president of Infineon's Power and Sensor Systems Division. "We are happy that, together with Chicony Power and our CoolGaN technology, we can realise the new power design capability for PD3.1 adapters so that every user can easily contribute to decarbonising the way we work with computers – without compromising on mobility for the sake of performance. We see this as part of our common mission to drive decarbonisation and digitalisation together."

"Infineon is an excellent partner for us in energy conversion and energy efficiency. Combined with Chicony Power's remarkable capabilities in power systems, the new PD3.1 product series has been achieved within a faster time to market, further strengthening our leading position," said Yang Wang, VP R&D of Chicony Power. "Power and size are key points for mobile workers. Gallium nitride and silicon semiconductors from Infineon are the perfect match to increase power density and reduce losses. People who work on the move appreciate this advantage together with the chance to reduce their CO2 footprint."


By Seb Springall

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