Gigabit Ethernet switch with AVB/TSN and integrated PHYs for automation

29-08-2023 | Microchip Technology | Industrial

Microchip Technology has announced the LAN9662 Gigabit Ethernet Switch with four ports, AVB/TSN, two integrated 10/100/1000BASE-T PHYs and a 600 MHz Arm Cortex-A7 CPU subsystem.

To support industrial Ethernet applications, the switch features an RTE that can modify the Ethernet frame in flight, allowing faster cyclical data rates and low latency. The switch complies with key industry standards such as the OPC/UA and PROFINET software stack, providing deterministic communication capabilities required for industrial networking applications.

“Expanding on the LAN966x family, the LAN9662 opens a path to scale with TSN-enabled networking endpoints,” said Charles Forni, vice president of Microchip’s USB and networking business unit. “Our solutions offer customers the advantage of starting their designs with industry standards met, supported by a comprehensive software portfolio.”

With two integrated PHYs, the switch supplies extremely low latency to support various daisy chain topologies. The PHY interfaces enable fast data processing within a specified time, providing a reliable network for automation applications such as motor, conveyor and multi-axis robot controllers.

The switch supports up to two RGMII/RMII, up to two 1000BASE-X/SerDes/2.5GBASE-X/KX, and a Quad-SGMII/Quad-USGMII interface. The configurable interfaces permit designers to reach varied types of physical layers or interconnects they may need.

By Seb Springall