Automotive grade high-temperature precision thin film chip resistors now available

07-08-2023 | Stackpole | Passives

Automotive and industrial applications may have harsh environmental requirements for resistors. When those demands include high-temperature capability and high precision, options are limited.

Stackpole Electronics’ RNHT thin film precision resistors deliver full power capability up to 85C and operation up to 170C. The automotive grade RNHT is AEC qualified and provides a wide range of values in sizes from 0402 through 1206 in tolerances down to 0.02% and TCRs down to 5ppm. The thin film RNHT has outstanding long-term stability and reliability inherent in thin film technology.

The device is suitable for precision control and monitoring circuits in automotive applications, industrial controls and automation, aerospace, engine, motor and pump controls, telecom equipment, and building infrastructure.


By Seb Springall