Micro-D connector series with removable crimp contacts for aerospace industry

06-07-2023 | Littelfuse | Industrial

Littelfuse, Inc has released its latest C&K product – the MDMA Micro-D Connector with removable crimp contacts. This unique design innovation permits end users to readily create custom cable harnesses, a feature not currently provided by any other Micro-D connectors on the market. No soldering or shrink tubing is required.

The connector series is ideal for many harsh environment applications, including space equipment (flight and engineering model), satellite harnesses, launchers and payloads, avionics/defence, and other high-performance applications.

"The MDMA Micro-D connector with removable crimp contacts is a game-changer for the space industry. It offers our customers flexibility, customisation, and cost savings," said Rémi Antoine, global product manager at C&K, a part of Littelfuse. "By ensuring only the required wires are used, there is a cost reduction for the harness manufacturer. The harness length is flexible and can be chosen to exactly suit the application, saving valuable time and weight for a space mission."

The connector's high-performance Micropin contact system uses a 'twist pin' spring male contact and tubular socket contact to deliver removable crimp-type contacts that allow easy end-user installation and rework. Dedicated tools are obtainable to make the retention test of each contact in the connectors and remove the contacts from the connectors for cable extraction.

The connectors are available in nickel or gold plating in 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, and 51-pin versions.


By Seb Springall