Flexibility meets increased power density and performance

26-07-2023 | Infineon | Power

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced a 62mm half-bridge and common emitter module portfolio with 1200V TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 chips. The broad range of offerings in the 62mm housing is expanded with the new 800A maximum current class for the package family. The addition to the portfolio’s current classes supplies system designers with a high degree of flexibility in developing higher current power solutions while delivering higher power density and electrical performance. It is tailored to fulfil the requirements of solar central inverters, industrial drive applications, and UPS. Additionally, EV charging, ESS and other new industrial applications can be covered.

Based on the new micro-pattern trench technology, the 62mm module family with the chip has significantly lower static losses compared to the modules with the IGBT4 chipset. This results in notable loss reduction in applications, particularly industrial drives that operate at moderate switching frequencies. The IGBT’s oscillation behaviour and controllability have been improved. Also, the new power modules feature a maximum overload junction temperature of 175C.

A solid, nickel-coated copper baseplate and screw main terminals provide the high mechanical robustness of the 62mm module housing. The main terminals are located in the centre of the housing, making them ideal for parallel circuits and three-level configurations due to the low inductive DC link connection. Unchanged standard package design and dimensions within the module family support mechanical compatibility with the earlier module version. Also, all modules are available with the company's proven pre-applied thermal interface material.


By Seb Springall

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