Cost-effective and reliable second-generation board connectors

05-07-2023 | Powell Electronics | Industrial

Now available through Powell Electronics, the supplier of connectors and more for high-rel applications including defence, aerospace and industrial, are second-generation GBB board-to-board connectors from Gigalane. Extremely cost-effective and reliable, the devices profit from a weight reduction of 25% due to a new material and manufacturing method and deliver excellent mechanical and electric performance. The main target applications are board-to-board and board-to-module RF interconnections.

Technical details of second-generation GBB connectors comprise a frequency from DC up to 8.5GHz, an impedance of 50-Ohm, insulation resistance of 5000MOhm and a dielectric withstand voltage of 1,000Vrms. VSWR is 1.20:1 at 3GHz, 1.25:1 at 6GHz and 1.30:1 at 8.5GHz.

By Seb Springall