IP license secured for revolutionary sensor technology

22-06-2023 | Nanusens | Semiconductors

Nanusens has announced the first IP license agreement for its MEMS-in-ASICs technology with Azoteq, a pioneer in high-volume sensor fusion ICs employed in industrial and consumer applications.

The company's technology allows its MEMS IP sensor structures to be made simultaneously within a chip as other IP on the ASIC utilising standard CMOS processes, resulting in ASICs with embedded MEMS sensors. This breakthrough in integrating sensor solutions as IP blocks dramatically reduces costs and size, fully replacing the current solution of discrete sensor packages.

Dr Josep Montanyà, CEO of Nanusens, said, "Azoteq is one of a number of companies that recently received samples of our 3D accelerometer that were created using an IP block within an ASIC. Azoteq is the first to sign an IP license, and we plan to announce several more license deals soon."

Dr Dieter Mellet, Azoteq's CTO, commented, "Our business is based on creating multi-sensor solutions for customers who often need to include many sensors into space-constrained applications. Nanusens technology enables monolithic integration of MEMS within an IC and is perfect for us as we can now embed an array of 3D accelerometers into an existing IC, providing cost, power and space-saving to our customers over current solutions available today, further expanding our ProxFusion offering."

Nanusens is finalising a Crowdcube fundraiser on 16 June 2023 to supply the funds to port this technology to various smaller process nodes to meet customer needs.


By Seb Springall