Updated programmer and debugger development tools offer new ways to program and connect

23-05-2023 | Microchip Technology | Test & Measurement

Microchip Technology has launched two tools offering fast, affordable and convenient solutions. The new MPLAB ICD 5 and MPLAB PICkit 5 in-circuit debuggers/programmers provide remote programming capabilities for an enhanced user experience.

The MPLAB ICD 5 in-circuit debugger/programmer provides advanced connectivity and power options for developers of designs based on PIC, AVR and SAM devices and dsPIC DSCs. Because it decreases the demand for power cables, this development tool can be employed in environments where efficient use of space is required. Powered by a USB Type-C connection to a PC or PoE+, the in-circuit programming and debugging tool is fast, flexible and convenient. PoE+ enables the device to be powered by the same cables used for data communication without additional power cords. In addition to the flexibility that PoE+ offers, the Ethernet connection allows for remote development and isolation from environmental conditions.

Remote debugging and programming over Ethernet, power monitoring to optimise power designs, and integration with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) systems provide a feature-rich development experience bolstered by the strengths of the hardware and connection capabilities. Users can reduce their development time using Arm Single Wire Output (SWO) trace and various programming and debugging interfaces.

"The MPLAB ICD 5 in-circuit debugger/programmer expands Microchip's mid-range debugger portfolio to provide additional capabilities and high-end features often reserved for more expensive products," said Rodger Richey, Senior Director of Microchip's Development Systems business unit. "The cutting-edge hardware and wireless connectivity options make this tool extremely versatile and easy to use when designing a variety of applications."

The MPLAB PICkit 5 in-circuit debugger/programmer is a more flexible version of its predecessor and can be used both while connected to a computer with MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or in the field. Compatible with all architectures offered by Microchip, this fast and portable tool can remote programming via Microchip's updated Programmer-to-Go (PTG) smartphone application. It uses a wireless Bluetooth Low Energy radio to enable developers to connect to the device through their smartphone via the PTG app. With the PICkit 5, multiple program images can be selected on the SD card through the app so the user can program different images in the field. Previous tools were only capable of programming the image within MPLAB X IDE or MPLAB IPE before the user headed into the field.

"The MPLAB PICkit 5 in-circuit debugger/programmer maintains the speed and small form factor of its predecessors while expanding the portability aspect of our product offering," said Richey. "The ability to select various programs in the field and utilise our custom app provides a lot of versatility for programming."

Both tools are supported by MPLAB X IDE and the MPLAB IPE, the company's highly configurable software program and user interface. An updated 6.10 version of MPLAB X IDE will be rolled out with these products and will simplify the design process for customers who may need to migrate from one of its devices to another to fulfil the requirements of various applications.


By Seb Springall

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