Titanium-rated series of power supplies for server storage and networking applications

16-05-2023 | Bel Power | Power

Bel Power Solutions has released the TEC Series, a new series of power supplies that provides Titanium level efficiency (up to 96%) for server, storage, and networking applications. Based on the CRPS standard, the first models provided in the series are the AC versions rated at 2200W, 2400W and 2600W output power. More Titanium AC variants will follow, rated at 800W, 1300W, 1600W and 2000W. All models provide overvoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent, overpower and short circuit protection. Standard or reverse airflow options are also offered.

The high-power density of this new series assists in improving the overall system efficiency and reliability. These power supplies offer a main output of 12VDC to support DC-DC converters in systems utilising distributed power architectures, together with a 12VDC always-on standby output for power management circuitry. Parallel operation with active analog current sharing removes the necessity for extra components when multiple units are required for very high current applications. These hot-swappable power supplies support N+1 redundant architectures. All AC-input models in the series deliver low total harmonic current distortion (iTHD). Digital control employing the PMBus protocol and a built-in I2C serial interface enables remote set-up, monitoring, and control. Built-in black box recorder functionality continuously monitors the power supply and can be employed to speed up root cause analysis in the possibility of any issues during operation.


By Seb Springall

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