Rugged and reliable touch solutions for transport systems and in-vehicle applications

05-05-2023 | Review Display | Automotive & Transport

Review Display Systems offers the availability and support for a wide variety of PCap touch solutions for in-vehicle and transportation applications from AMT.

Transportation systems, vehicles and vessels are operated in a wide range of terrestrial, subterranean, atmospheric, and marine environments. These systems' display and touch technologies must supply dependable operation under diverse operating environments and conditions.

User displays employing touchscreen interfaces must deliver reliable and stable operation under temperature extremes while coping with rapid temperature variations. Touchscreen solution provider AMT's PCap touch panels are specified to an automotive standard operating temperature range of -40C to +85C and a storage temperature range of -50C to +90C. Temperature change is tested with thermal cycling of -40C (30 minutes) to +85C (30 minutes) for 100 cycles.

The company's PCap touchscreen solutions have been successfully tested to strict industry standards, including accelerated UV ageing and weathering standard ASTM G154 Cycle 1 - 1,000 hours and environmental conditions standard MIL-STD-810H Pro 1 - 1,000 hours. It also provides touch panels with a Low-Reflective design to deliver improved image legibility in bright light conditions.

The company's PCAP touch solutions can meet DO-160 Conducted RF Emission at 150KHz to 152MHz, and Radiated RF Emission at 100MHz to 6000MHz test standards and its hardware and software design solutions allow excellent electromagnetic immunity for all transportation applications.

The company designs, develops, and supplies an extensive range of PCap touchscreen solutions for diverse transport industry applications, including trains, buses, EVs, construction plants, commercial aircraft, utility vehicles and marine craft.


By Seb Springall