Next-gen SiC power semiconductors adopted in industrial chargers reduce the temperature

23-05-2023 | Navitas Semiconductor | Semiconductors

Navitas Semiconductor has stated that Exide Technologies' next-generation, high-frequency fast chargers for industrial material handling equipment have adopted new, leading-edge GeneSiC power semiconductors to provide reliability, safety, ease of use and optimal charging.

SiC is a new 'wide bandgap' power semiconductor material rapidly replacing legacy silicon chips in high-power, high-voltage applications, including renewable energy, energy storage and micro-grids, EVs and industrial applications. GeneSiC' trench-assisted planar-gate' SiC MOSFET technology provides no-compromise, high-efficiency, high-speed performance, resulting in up to 25C lower case temperature and up to 3x longer life than alternative SiC products. With the highest-published 100%-tested avalanche capability, 30% longer short-circuit withstand time, and stable threshold voltage for easy paralleling, GeneSiC MOSFETs are excellent for high-power, fast-time-to-market applications.

Exide's high-frequency chargers convert 220VAC power to a battery-level voltage between 24V and 80V for lead-acid and lithium-ion-powered industrial vehicles. The 7kW module uses GeneSiC G3R60MT07D (750V) MOSFETs and GD10MPS12A (1,200V) MPS Schottky diodes with frequency-optimised architecture. The same platform may be upgraded to 10kW, with four modules in parallel to provide 40kW of reliable fast-charging power.

"Exide Technologies delivers complete, carefully controlled fast-charging with close system monitoring for critical material-handling equipment, running 24/7," said Dr Dominik Margraf, director Product Management Motion at Exide Technologies. "Navitas' GeneSiC technology is easy-to-use, with excellent support, increased system efficiency, and cooler operation."

"Exide's 'Energising a New World' and Navitas' 'Electrify Our World' missions are in perfect alliance," said Dr Ranbir Singh, Navitas EVP and architect of the GeneSiC technology. "Next-gen technology drives sustainability, and of course, end-user satisfaction."


By Seb Springall