New smart transportation solutions focus on AI edge computing and information security

25-05-2023 | DFI | Test & Measurement

DFI has been committed to developing IoT, IoV, and AI edge computing products in recent years. It will showcase its smart transportation embedded solutions and launch its new low-power, high-reliability vehicle system with ARM architecture at Computex Taipei 2023. Highlights include the new generation, high-performance computing micro-industrial motherboard applied to roadside equipment. Its compact size enables it to surpass space limitations and be employed for people flow identification in-vehicle systems. The company can improve energy efficiency and offer safety for future cities via intelligent, automated, and miniaturised product design.

President Alexander Su said, "Due to future global urbanisation and increasing population, city traffic congestion and energy usage will be unresolved issues. DFI has actively deployed smart transportation solutions to upgrade public infrastructure, lower operating costs, and increase energy efficiency, thereby reducing energy shortages, traffic congestion, and other issues created by global urbanisation and increasing global population."

They have joined VicOne, a vehicle information security company under Trend Micro, and IoT system integration company 5GIoTLead Technology to introduce in-vehicle cybersecurity technology and the 5G Smart Pole Management Platform, which they plan to employ for simulations of smart traffic intersections at the booth.

The miniature industrial fanless system EC70A-TGU by DFI is equipped with the 11th generation Intel Tiger Lake Core Processor, featuring low power consumption, and the built-in GPU based on the Intel Iris Xe architecture, which plays the role of edge computing for this solution. The fanless design allows the system to be light and compact. Its accurate AI judgment also considers performance and real-time responses, making it ideal for handling heavy workloads.

The company will launch their newest low-power in-vehicle system, VC900-M8M, with ARM-based NXP i.MX8M CPU. It can support Yocto Linux 2.5 and Android 9.0 operating systems and has various I/O configurations. Also, its anti-vibration design and wide operating temperature range enable the vehicle to function even in extreme environments, making the VC900-M8M ideal for various applications.

'Cybersecurity' is the in-vehicle information security software released by VicOne. It provides information security protection for the network and backend communication to ensure safety when the connected vehicle and devices communicate. The VC900-M8M has a built-in, high-accuracy six-axis IMU, which monitors vehicle and driver behaviour to stop speeding, sudden braking, and collisions. It can also manage abnormal signals and provide real-time warnings.

After releasing the world's first high-performance 1.8" miniature motherboard GHF51 with AMD Ryzen R1000, the company presented the new generation PCSF51 with AMD Ryzen R2000 this year. The CPU and GPU cores have doubled, and the overall performance and graphics computing capability have improved by 50% and 15%, respectively. As well as keeping the palm-sized miniature design, the PCSF51 product design has also decreased the height of the heat dissipation module by 4mm, providing a breakthrough for miniature motherboard performance in industrial automation, robotics, edge computing, and visual systems.

BenQ Group Computex Smart+, 4th floor of Hall 1, booth MO619a, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, from 30 May 30 to 2 June 2023.

By Seb Springall