Interactive datasheets place MOSFET behaviour analysis at engineers' fingertips

18-05-2023 | Nexperia | Power

Nexperia announced a significant raising of the bar in semiconductor engineer design support by releasing next-generation interactive datasheets to accompany its power MOSFETs. By manipulating interactive sliders within the datasheets, users may manually modify the voltage, current, temperature and other conditions for their circuit application and observe how the operating point of a device dynamically reacts to these changes.

These interactive datasheets effectively present a type of GUI to a circuit simulator, using the company's advanced electrothermal models to calculate the operating point of a device. Also, they enable engineers to visualise the interaction between parameters such as gate voltage, drain current, RDS(on) and temperature instantly. Their collective contribution to the device behaviour is then displayed dynamically in tables or graphs. As a result, the interactive datasheets can greatly increase productivity by eradicating the time required for an engineer to perform manual calculations or set up and debug a circuit simulation.

The new interactive datasheets support engineers by displaying real-time interaction across different parameters as they are manually changed with the easy-to-use datasheet sliders.

Chris Boyce, senior director of Nexperia's Power MOSFET business, adds, "Whether you are a Design Engineer looking to see how a device will perform at elevated temperature or a Component Engineer trying to compare devices under different test conditions, our new interactive datasheets are designed to make your life easier."

The technology powering these datasheets is the same as that used in the company's hugely successful precision electrothermal MOSFET models, which show how the behaviour of discrete MOSFETs changes with temperature. The new interactive datasheets are provided in addition to the conventional static datasheets and function in any standard web browser with no additional software for device simulation.

With the initial version currently under patent application, the company will reach out to its global community of customer engineers to evaluate how interactive datasheets are employed in real-time to widen the functionality of future versions.

More than 200 interactive datasheets are offered, covering the devices in its latest generations of Automotive and Industrial Power MOSFETs. Over time, the company plans to make them available for its total portfolio of discrete MOSFETs and other devices.

By Seb Springall