Cost-effective mobile EW/SIGINT solution offers unmatched channel count

19-05-2023 | Novator Solutions | Test & Measurement

Novator Solutions has released HUGIN 304DF, a cost-effective mobile EW/SIGINT solution with an unmatched channel count.

The solution is the first tactical turnkey EW/SIGINT solution with monitoring, recording and direction-finding capabilities. It employs the unique channeliser technology providing 64 channels allowing simultaneous monitoring and recording of analog clear voice PTT communication using FM, AM or SSB modulation.

The solution aimed to deliver a tactical system that could handle more interceptions at a competitive price. With four individual 80MHz wide tuners and 60 channels for PTT traffic plus four channels for IQ recording, it supplies excellent flexibility to intercept all communication simultaneously. Together with the direction finder, the operator receives 360° situational awareness. Thanks to the innovative channeliser technology, the company reduced the cost per channel while delivering a highly flexible receiver and intuitive command and control software.

"The close collaboration with our key suppliers and partners allowed us to deliver the first systems within six months from project kick-off," said Henrik Ulfhielm, CEO of Novator Solutions.

This initial release supports 20MHz to 520MHz for PTT communication and direction finding. One of the four tuners can optionally be employed to monitor the spectrum up to 6GHz. This mobile EW/SIGINT system comes in an environmental box and can be deployed in any moving vehicle with a ground plane for the direction finder antenna and 12VDC power.

By Seb Springall