Stackable BGA mezzanine connector lowers costs

03-04-2023 | Hirose | Industrial

Hirose has released a stackable BGA mezzanine connector developed for high-speed and high-density server applications. The hermaphroditic IT14 Series offers a self-mating design to stop the requirement for extra mating parts. Fewer mating parts lower costs, enhances reliability and improves performance.

The series supports high-speed data transmission more than 56Gbps NRZ /112Gbps PAM4. An Ethernet OAM-specified connector, the series connector uses a high-density design (172DPs/in2) to satisfy telecom and networking application requirements.

The mezzanine connector has a stub-less two-point contact design for ultra-reliability. A protective housing encapsulates the contact tips to thwart warping throughout mating.

"The connector has been broadly accepted by the open computer project," said Mark Kojak, chief marketing officer and Sr VP of Sales, Product Management and Operations. "The OCP is a community of engineers who design and deliver the most efficient server, storage and data centre hardware for scalable computing."

Offered in a 688-position version, the series is 68mm long, 20.1mm wide, and 4.91mm high. The series BGA mezzanine connector has a rated current of 1.2A, a 30V AC/DC voltage, and an operating temperature range of -55C to 105C.


By Seb Springall

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