PXI multi-channel battery simulator modules emulate battery stacks up to 1000V

26-04-2023 | Pickering | Power

Pickering Interfaces has released the latest version in its 41/43-752A range of battery simulator modules. Excellent for EV battery stack emulation in BMS test applications, the 41/43-752A-111's improved voltage isolation (now 1000V) will be crucial as the EV industry shifts from 400V to 800V architectures.

Targeting EV, electric aircraft and other automotive, aerospace and energy storage applications, the modules only occupy a single PXI or PXIe slot. The 41-752A-111 (PXI) and 43-752A-111 (PXIe) are 2, 4 or 6-channel battery simulators able to supply up to 7V and 30omA per channel. The channels are completely isolated from ground and each other, permitting series connection to simulate batteries in a stacked architecture. The 1kV isolation barrier permits the module to be employed as a lower-power version of a battery stack, representative of those used for vehicle propulsion.

Each module channel can sink up to 300mA to simulate a battery under charge, supply independent power, and sense connections, enabling the simulator to sense a remote load and correct for wiring losses. Developed to respond to dynamic loads, the battery simulator reduces the necessity for local decoupling capacitors at the load. The module can also independently read the voltage at the load and current for every channel, programmatically or through a manual soft front panel.

Modules can be combined with other company PXI switch and simulation modules, including high voltage switching, fault insertion, thermocouple simulation, RTD simulation, and other vendors' PXI modules, including a CANbus interface, to produce a fully flexible BMS test system. The 41/43-752A can also be used as a 6-channel fully isolated power supply with independent sense lines on each channel.

Simulation product manager at Pickering, Paul Bovingdon, comments: "With most of the EV industry expected to shift from 400V to 800V architectures by 2025, unlocking significantly faster charge speeds and helping address range anxiety, the 41/43-752A-111's increased voltage isolation will be vital to support BMS test with battery stacks of up to 1kV."


By Seb Springall

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