DC-Link capacitors stabilise power converters in charging and photovoltaic systems

06-04-2023 | Wurth | Power

Würth Elektronik offers a new series of film capacitors particularly developed for DC-Link applications. The WCAP-FTDB series components can be employed in the voltage range from 500V to 1200V and are characterised by high ripple current capability. This makes them extremely attractive for AC/DC and DC-DC converters for charging systems and power electronics in e-mobility or renewable energy solutions. The 24-model product family delivers capacitance values from 1µF to 75µF.

The capacitors for stabilising DC-Link voltage are very robust. Due to their metallised polypropylene film design, they provide self-healing properties whereby short circuits 'burn out' their own cause, restoring an intact dielectric. Particularly more durable than other capacitor types, the series is ideal for applications with long maintenance cycles, such as wind turbines. The company offers a boxed THT package with a pitch of 27.5mm, 37.5mm and 52.5mm for this component family. The operating temperature of the film capacitors covers -40C to 105C, and the respective maximum voltage values attained are up to 85C.


By Seb Springall

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