User-friendly HMI for applications where harmonics levels constantly change

14-03-2023 | Schaffner Holding AG | Industrial

Schaffner has released a new and easier-to-use HMI to its AHF solution, the Ecosine Active Sync.

The Ecosine Active Sync is a modular product that actively mitigates the harmonics sent back to an electrical network. It lowers or suppresses disturbances by taking the harmonic current generated by non-linear loads and converting it. The current level for effective harmonic mitigation is 50Hz in Europe, and the AHF solution is excellent for applications where harmonics levels are constantly changing, such as when creating high-quality products such as semiconductor wafers.

Ecosine provides a solution for a three- or four-wire system, mitigating harmonics between the phases and neutral wire. It requires to be programmed to fine-tune it to a specific application. However, up until now, the conventional way of doing this has been by connecting a computer or laptop with a special cable and associated software. At the same time, direct machine-face interaction was only achievable through a 2" (5cm) monochrome display that needed the user to press physical buttons to switch through the various parameters and enter values.

With the solution employed widely in such challenging sectors as the automotive and robotics industries – and in large data centres and semiconductor manufacturing – simplifying the AHF's operation and updating how users interact with it were key factors behind Schaffner creating the new HMI.

Luc Mosca, product manager at Schaffner, says: "This new HMI is a substantial advance on the previous user interface and enables us to upgrade the user experience to a level where interaction with the Ecosine is a much easier process. With just a simple check, the operator can see instantly whether everything is working okay or if there are any alerts, with errors or warnings displayed clearly on the large colour screen."

Luc adds: "We have worked closely with customers, consulting with users about what they require from a true human-machine interface, and we have come up with a solution that meets their needs. We have already received some highly positive feedback on the new HMI, and we expect this to continue as more Ecosine come on-stream. When you place an order for a new Ecosine Active Sync, you now have the option of having one featuring this advanced interface, and we expect most new buyers will choose to work with this more user-friendly HMI. Of course, they can continue to interact with the AHF via hardwired computer or laptop and dedicated software if they prefer."

The most common application for the Ecosine Active sync is in HVAC installations and UPS. They are also employed across logistics, parcel sorting and luggage handling at airports and wind turbines, the steel industry, paper mills, tunnel ventilation and more.


By Seb Springall

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