Simulation tools bring complex power electronics applications to market faster

30-03-2023 | onsemi | Industrial

onsemi now offers a breakthrough in simulation tools for its EliteSiC SiC product family and its applications. The company released the online Elite Power Simulator and Self-Service PLECS Model Generator, which supply meaningful insights for complex power electronic applications via system-level simulations at an earlier stage of the development cycle. The tools save power electronic engineers time by delivering state-of-the-art accurate simulation data allowing EliteSiC product selection tailored to customer applications instead of expensive and time-consuming hardware fabrication and testing.

Users are provided with ultimate power and flexibility to produce high-fidelity system-level PLECS models when the simulator is deployed together with the Self-Service PLECS Model Generator. Whether uploaded to the company's Elite Power Simulator or downloaded for direct usage, the self-service PLECS models provide the optimisation and accuracy needed for demanding power electronic simulations. The models are produced based on typical or worst-case conditions to allow the customer to design within the technology boundaries. The ability to define application-specific parasitics provides that the generated PLECS models supply highly accurate results for the customer's system-level simulations.

"Our PLECS simulator has proven very popular with power designers due to speed and ease of use," said Jost Allmelling, managing director and co-founder, Plexim. "It is particularly exciting to see the truly novel aspects here, including the ability to simulate soft switching accurately, the customised models via the onsemi Self-Service PLECS Model Generator and the ready-made models for corner cases."

"This is a significant step for the industry, increasing its ability to get both hard and soft switching designs to market quickly," said Asif Jakwani, senior vice president and general manager of the Advanced Power Division, which is part of the Power Solutions Group at onsemi. "Our tools enable our customers to understand how our devices perform in their application environment and fully optimise the performance within the boundaries of the technology."

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By Seb Springall

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