First cloud-based system development tool to create IoT software

10-03-2023 | Renesas | Industrial

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched a ground-breaking online, cloud-based IoT system design platform that allows users to graphically build hardware and software to validate prototypes and speed up product development.

With the company's first-of-its-kind Quick-Connect Studio, engineers can develop hardware and software simultaneously. This is a revolutionary shift in the industry, allowing designers to create software immediately with the ability to reconfigure and test product ideas quickly. This delivers dramatic time savings and lowers risk as engineers can validate designs before committing to hardware layout.

The solution empowers engineers to graphically drag and drop device and subsystem blocks on the cloud to construct their solution. After placing each block, users can generate, compile, and build software automatically, a significant shift towards the no-code development paradigm. This makes building production-level software as straightforward as piecing building blocks together. With the solution, users can quickly create a full solution in the cloud and deploy it to hardware in under ten minutes. There is very little upfront learning or investment required. The cloud compute power delivers fast compilation, and the modern GUI lessens the learning curve and promotes project reuse.

The solution is built on Quick-Connect IoT, a standardised hardware platform featuring industry-established interfaces such as PMOD, Arduino, and MIKROE. With standard connectors, engineers can mix and match MCUs, MPUs, sensors, and connectivity boards seamlessly. In the future, users can extend and expand beyond the company's to various partners such as major cloud providers, service integrators, and leaders in the open-source community.

"Renesas is heavily investing in advancing the digital user experience," said Chris Allexandre, senior vice president, CSMO and Head of the Global Sales and Marketing Unit at Renesas. "Quick-Connect Studio exemplifies how Renesas is accelerating the development cycle for engineers, enabling the fast validation and testing of new ideas, and allowing designers to innovate quickly using Renesas as their preferred platform."

A live demonstration of Quick-Connect Studio will be available at embedded world 2023 in Hall 1, Stand 234.


By Seb Springall

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