Expanded line card offers wide range of new embedded manufacturer brands

10-03-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Industrial

Mouser has added many manufacturers of embedded systems and modules to its huge portfolio of more than 1,200 industry-leading brands over the past 24 months.

Some of its newest embedded manufacturers and product highlights include:

Soracom develops a range of products to facilitate IoT wireless connectivity. Examples incorporate a battery-powered LTE wireless button and a Raspberry Pi-based IoT Starter kit. The kit includes an ultrasonic range finder module and permits real-time data transfer to the Soracom cloud-based User Console for analysis.

Multitech provides various sensors and data communication equipment for IIoT deployments. Products comprise the Multitech LoRaWAN wireless IoT sensor designed for long-range and extended battery life applications and the wireless single push button sensor that connects to a LoRaWAN network and is excellent for lone worker, customer call and panic alarm applications.

Wittra develops sensor tags, gateways, and routers for IoT-based asset tracking applications. Its IoT OUT OF THE BOX Development kit supplies a complete development and prototyping kit to monitor objects and assets. The kit comprises an Ethernet to Cloud gateway, three mesh network routers, and four IP-67-rated sensor tags. The tags monitor asset location, movement, usage, and temperature. All software, APIs, and access to its Cloud Service are included, providing an easy to deploy approach to asset tracking.

Acconeer designs and manufactures power-efficient high-precision 3D sensor modules for computer vision, AR/VR, human interaction, and IoT use cases. Products incorporate the XM112 Pulsed Coherent Radar module, available to order, and the XM122 IoT module. These modules integrate its A111 60GHz pulsed coherent radar sensor, RF front-end, and baseband functions in a single antenna-in-package form factor.

Jorjin provides wireless modules, application processors, and mmWave radar sensors. Examples include the MM5D91-00, a 60GHz mmWave radar module comprising a single transmit antenna, three receiver antennas, an Arm Cortex-M4F core, and its MM5D91E00, a break-out board evaluation board for the MM5D91-00 mmWave radar module.

Fingerprints design biometric fingerprint solutions for access control systems, POS terminals, time and attendance systems, and door locks. The FPC BM-Lite module is an out-of-the-box module for biometric fingerprint security applications developed for connection to a host-embedded system via SPI or UART. The robust capacitive sensor is waterproof and protected against 1.5kV ESD, and its low power consumption makes it excellent for battery-powered use cases.

Signetik produces wireless connectivity modules and gateways using Semtech and Nordic Semiconductor transceiver SoCs. Examples include the SigLRN, available to order. This LoRa end node module with Bluetooth connectivity offers integrated antennas and the companion LRN-R1 development board.


By Seb Springall

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