SPDT switches manufactured in the silicon process for multiple applications

28-02-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Industrial

Analog Devices Inc. ADRF5023 Silicon SPDT Switches, available now from Mouser, are non-reflective SPDT switches manufactured in the silicon process. They provide a 9kHz to 45GHz operating range with a typical insertion loss of 1.7dB and isolation of 42dB. The switches offer an RF input power handling capability of 30dBm for the through path, 24dBm for the terminated path, and 30dBm for the hot switching at the RF common port. The devices require a positive supply of 3.3V and a negative supply of -3.3V. The switches use CMOS/LVTTL-compatible controls.

These silicon SPDT switches also function with a single positive supply voltage (VDD) applied while the negative supply voltage (VSS) is tied to the ground. The small signal performance is held in this operating condition while the switching characteristics, linearity, and power handling performance are derated.

The devices are housed in a 20-lead, 3mm x 3mm, RoHS-compliant, LGA package and operate from -40C to +105C.

Typical applications include test and instrumentation; cellular infrastructure of 5G millimetre wave; defence radios, radars and EMCs; Microwave radios and VSATs; and industrial scanners.


By Seb Springall

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