New series of connectors and adapters developed for high-voltage applications

24-02-2023 | Fairview Microwave | Industrial

Fairview Microwave offers a series of 10kV and 20kV connectors and adapters. They are ideal for multiple uses, including test and measurement, imaging inspection, and medical and aerospace applications.

This new line of hermetically sealed connectors and adapters provides decreased rates of off-gassing and diffusion. Constructed from rugged brass bodies and nickel plating, these devices are resilient and long-lasting.

They feature a maximum frequency of 300MHz, higher operating voltage ratings of 10kV/20kVDC, and higher insulation resistance of 1000MOhm.

“Our new 10kV and 20kV connectors and adapters are perfectly suited for use in high-voltage and reduced atmospheric pressure applications. This broad portfolio minimizes the risk of electrical shock to personnel while allowing our customers to customize their signal chains however they like,” said Amar Ganwani, product line manager.

By Seb Springall