New locking components enhance interconnected systems cybersecurity

08-02-2023 | Amphenol | Industrial

Amphenol SOCAPEX has developed a locking solution for 38999, RJFTV, USBFTV connectors and caps series. Locks provide extra security by lowering the risk of manual unlocking of plugs and caps, which limits deliberate intrusions via connectors. The new line comprises CapLock, PlugLock and Metal CapLock solutions.

CapLock is a locking ring that stops direct access to the cap mounted on a receptacle to secure access to the port. Once it is installed, it rotates freely around the cap, stopping it from being manually unlocked.

PlugLock is a ring that stops intrusion on a port by locking the connection between the plug and the receptacle. Once installed around the coupling nut of the plug, it rotates freely around it, stopping manual unlocking.

Metal CapLock is a cap for a receptacle that incorporates a coupling nut which can be activated or deactivated utilising a specific locking screw.

“Amphenol SOCAPEX is the first company to develop a line of locking accessories that will help strengthen cybersecurity by protecting the connectors. Amphenol SOCAPEX team has developed this product line based on customer needs for enhanced security. We are confident that this solution will help reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches through increased connector protection,” says Cesar Lopez, product manager, Amphenol SOCAPEX C5ISR.


By Seb Springall

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