M12-type connectors for signals, data and electrical power

02-02-2023 | Binder | Industrial

binder has expanded several M12 series for automation technology with multiple products. Applications vary from basic sensor/actuator cabling to industrial measurement and control technology and industrial Ethernet to autonomous robots or cobots. The product development was based on the demands of the M12-relevant DIN EN IEC 61076-2 standard. It follows current trends regarding miniaturisation, variability in use and cost efficiency.

Like all M12 series from the company, these products satisfy at least the IP67 protection degree. They are mechanically robust, durable, and developed to be user-safe thanks to coding. Several shielded or shieldable product versions are offered for applications in electromagnetically loaded industrial environments.

All M12 connectors offer minimum IP67 protection against dust and water ingress. Special versions are also offered with IP68 and IP69K for hygienically demanding applications. Dependent on the design, the connectors target different application scenarios: Versions with special termination such as crimping or wire clamp technology are ideal for applications with vibrations; others are ideal for outdoor use and, for example, resistant to UV radiation. Depending on the application field, plastic, metal or stainless-steel housings are employed.

For the current year, the company has announced further developments in the push-pull locking and M12 one-cable solutions. It is developing M12 connectors with outer push-pull locking. This variant complements the M12-threaded products with push-pull locking in the M12 design. Instead of screwing, the cable side latches with the device side when the plug is pressed on. The product design meets DIN EN IEC 61076-2-010, provides backward compatibility with M12 screw locking on the device side, and represents a significantly flexible and time-saving connection concept.

By Seb Springall