Expanded lineup of high-performance inductors released

07-02-2023 | Torex Semiconductor | Power

Torex Semiconductor Ltd has released a high-performance, 1.4A inductor built-in step-up 'micro DC-DC' Converter – XCL104/XCL105 series.

The series is a synchronous step-up 'micro DC-DC' converter with a built-in 1.4A driver and a built-in coil that is ideal for many uses. Since the coil is integrated, it reduces the product size and the time consumed for selecting the components because of fewer external component counts. As a result, the development work period may be shortened significantly. Also, low noise is accomplished as the coil pattern is the shortest on the board layout.

The series can start operation from an input voltage of 0.9V, appropriate for equipment utilising a single alkaline battery or nickel metal hydride battery. The output voltage range is 1.8V to 5.5V and can be set in 0.1V increments. Compared to traditional products, this product fulfils 1.4 times the output current compared to earlier products. Also, the product can choose three functions, reducing the power consumption of IC-equipped devices and prolonging battery life.

The operating temperature range is up to +105C, making it excellent for industrial equipment that requires small size, low power consumption, multi-functions, and high-performance IoT, mobile, wearable, and all equipment that emphasizes battery life.


By Seb Springall

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