Anti-surge resistors provide high working voltages

21-02-2023 | Stackpole | Passives

High voltage applications, incorporating HVAC controls, appliance and white goods controls, digital storage, metering, automation, medical devices, and surge protection devices commonly need resistors with a high working voltage that can be challenging to source. Film resistors are an ideal technology.

The ASR/ASRM series from Stackpole Electronics delivers high working voltages, high pulse voltage handling, and well-defined pulse behaviour. The series handles surges varying from 2KV for the ASRM14 up to 10KV for the ASRM1 and ASRM2.

For applications with high voltage surge and low energy requirements, the series is a feasible replacement for carbon composition resistors, supplying improved electrical and environmental stability, greater tolerance and TCR, with better long-term availability.


By Seb Springall