Virtual I/O expansion module aids efficient implementation of AI applications

19-01-2023 | Innodisk | Industrial

Innodisk leads the way with its new InnoEx Virtual I/O Expansion Module, which assists global industries in efficiently deploying various AI smart applications by incorporating software and hardware utilising virtual I/O expansion technology. This integration enables enterprises to effectively control their computer equipment budget and solve the problem of complicated circuits that cannot be cut and arranged. It can be extended via virtual I/O technology employing only a single computer system and a single network line. It can be connected with the InnoEx modules in series to flexibly extend the number and distance of terminal devices.

Due to miniaturisation in the computer world, the space for I/O expansion slots has been significantly reduced. If integrators wish to increase the number of I/O expansion devices, they frequently have to redesign their motherboard, which can be time-consuming and uneconomical. Fortunately, different embedded expansion cards supplied by the company can resolve these issues. However, some motherboards cannot employ expansion cards. To address this, it has released a new virtual I/O expansion solution. InnoEx permits a single route to connect a single computer system and functions like a multi-function transfer port, effectively extending the number and distance of external devices via virtual signals. It has high system compatibility, does not occupy the I/O slots on the original computer system, and does not need changes to the mechanism design. It can also be incorporated into the existing network architecture to perform borderless I/O expansion through networking.

The virtual I/O expansion module supports interfaces such as HDMI and USB. The company will also launch Serial and CANbus versions in the second quarter of 2023. It is ideal for applications such as smart retail, image recognition, digital display, and AGV smart handling. It can also agilely realise varied industrial applications and advanced AI intelligent applications.

By Seb Springall