Simplified CAN integration in .NET environments

18-01-2023 | PEAK-System | Industrial

The programming interface PCAN-Basic available from PEAK-System for connecting own programs under Windows and Linux to CAN buses can also be easily employed in a .NET development environment. For this purpose, the company offers the PCAN-Basic.NET Assembly for free.

With PCAN-Basic.NET, it is feasible to develop applications for different .NET environments, such as .NET Core or .NET Framework. .NET Core is also appropriate under Linux. The Assembly delivers new classes for improved handling of the most important CAN operations, e.g., enhanced filtering and periodic transmission of CAN messages. A compatibility mode provides the integration or porting of earlier .NET projects.

For straightforward integration into Microsoft development environments, PCAN-Basic.NET is free as a package in the NuGet Gallery on the web. NuGet is Microsoft's package manager for .NET.

By Seb Springall