PoL DC-DCs with high-efficiency ideal for distributed power

05-01-2023 | RECOM Power | Power

RECOM offers two new ranges of cost-effective switching regulators – the RPMGQ-20 and RPMGS-20. They are open-frame, through-hole, non-isolated DC-DC buck converters with an 18V-75V input. Optional nominal outputs are 5V or 12V trimmable across a wide range, 3.3V to 8V and 8V to 24V, respectively. Output current for all versions is 20A, and the RPMGQ-20 is provided in an industry-standard quarter-brick format, while the RPMGS-20 is in the emerging standard package size of 36.83mm x 34.04mm with a standard sixteenth brick pin-out. These products offer a maximum height of 15mm from their mounting surface.

The efficiency of these variants is very high, peaking at 98% for the 12V output versions and 94% for 5V output, with a nearly-flat efficiency curve down to approximately 10% load. Remote sense and control input is offered, and the products provide comprehensive protection against input undervoltage, output over-current, short circuits, and over-temperature.

With air flow, full load is offered to an ambient temperature of more than 90C for all variants, derating to 120C.

“These super-high efficiency DC-DCs with their high operating temperature capability are ideal as a point of load converters in demanding distributed power architectures,” comments Matthew Dauterive, DC-DC product manager of RECOM.”


By Seb Springall