New IPS TFT displays deliver excellent contrast and colour reproduction

11-01-2023 | Newhaven | Industrial

Newhaven Display has released six new IPS displays in a 10.1” screen size to their LCD TFT product line. IPS technology allows these displays to reproduce truer colours, delivering the best contrast. They offer high-brightness backlights for direct sunlight visibility that will not get washed out or distorted when viewed at any angle. It is clear why IPS is the most superior TFT display type in the industry.

Furthermore, these 10.1” IPS displays provide three interface options, including RGB, LVDS, and HDMI interface, each with two touchscreen options as capacitive or without a touchscreen. Added design enhancements of this new display line were built with an EMI filter on the input power supply line.

Finally, these displays provide a replacement option to the TN models due to the same mechanical footprint. This makes them compatible with controller boards, enclosures, brackets, and other assembly components currently employed with the TN displays. The new displays also utilise the same HX8282 driver IC, making them compatible with existing software. The HDMI modules also include an ADV7611 driver IC.

By Seb Springall