New ground-breaking microphone technology

31-01-2023 | GRAS Sound and Vibration | Industrial

GRAS Sound and Vibration, part of Axiometrix Solutions, has introduced a new technology to improve efficiency and increase test accuracy in the consumer audio and telecom space.

The new GRAS EQset Microphone technology is a first in the microphone industry. It is a revolutionary further advancement that ensures fixed sensitivity and a flat response curve across all frequencies in every EQset-enabled microphone – effectively an equalised microphone all set and ready to go out of the box.

The consistency of its fixed sensitivity and the flat curve reduces measurement uncertainty and significantly simplifies microphone setup, monitoring, replacement, and corrections. This conveys that everything can happen quickly and readily without individual microphone adjustments or corrections. The simplification of setup and other tasks saves time in the setup itself and operator training time. There is, however, one extra benefit that exceeds the time savings: it all but eradicates the inherent risk of false passes on production lines or correction error for frequencies outside the calibrated frequency in R&D – common issues with other microphones in the market.

Another benefit of the uniformly fixed sensitivity and flat response curve of each microphone is that because there is no requirement to make individual corrections for every microphone, there is, therefore, no necessity to store that correction information on the microphones via TEDS. This allows these microphones to be employed effectively with systems based on audio sound cards using 48V phantom power and any CCP-based system already in use, so there is no requirement for price-prohibitive new equipment or retooling existing CCP-based systems.

Upcoming microphone lines with this technology will offer highly accurate, price-competitive, user-friendly solutions that enable users to perform acoustic measurements without the typical hassles of lengthy setup time, downtime, replacement, or correction, while at the same time reducing measurement error better than any other microphone on the market.

According to Rémi Guastavino, director of Product Management at GRAS Sound and Vibration: “By introducing EQset technology, we are proving our commitment to constantly seek new, cost-efficient and highly accurate testing solutions across the world. Innovation is at our heart, and EQset is only our latest step – the market can expect more to come from GRAS in the near future.”


By Seb Springall