New antenna retrofit kits can save time and money

17-01-2023 | RadioWaves | Passives

RadioWaves has launched a new series of retrofit kits created to save users time and money by enabling them to continue employing their previously deployed antennas while upgrading to the latest radios.

Its new line of antenna retrofit kits (RFKs) ship with new feed horns, interface and mounting hardware required for rapid and straightforward installation. These RFKs allow continued use of high-quality antennas with a different radio/frequency range from 5.725GHz to 23.6GHz.

These retrofit kits allow the change from the back of a pre-existing antenna without taking it down, saving time and money.

These RFKs are engineered from rugged aluminium and Rexolite for long-lasting, reliable installations. They have mount and connectivity options for multiple radios, incorporating Remec, Aviat Networks, Mimosa, Ubiquiti, Cambium, Ceragon and more. General waveguide and Type N connector options are also offered.

“Our newly expanded antenna retrofit kits are saving our customers thousands of dollars and helping them achieve rapid installations, thanks to no longer needing to spend hours aligning new antennas. These new kits can be used with a wide range of popular radios,” said Kevin Hietpas, antenna product line manager.

By Seb Springall