M16 circular connectors suited to crimp termination

04-01-2023 | Binder | Industrial

binder provides its M16-size products, such as the 423 series, for crimp termination. The crimping technology allows users to swiftly and easily wire the connectors on-site. It also offers mechanical robustness, corrosion proofness, and excellent electrical properties of the connection. However, to exploit the potential of this termination technique, a defined process and standard-compliant test methods are needed.

Crimp contacts and tools are offered for manual and machine processing. For crimping by hand, contacts can be employed as single or strip goods; for the latter, particular crimping tools are needed. In addition to the connectors, the company also offers the accessories needed, including tools, from a single source.

M16 connectors with crimp termination fulfil the growing industry-wide demand for modular connectivity regarding signals, data and electrical power. Thanks to their specific properties, including tensile strength and conductivity, and process-related advantages, such as time-saving and easy processability, they are employed not only in industrial applications but also in installing and replacing gas meters or railroad technology.

The connectors for crimp termination of the series are specified for rated voltages from 32V to 150V at 5A or 6A, depending on the number of pins, and 2- to 8-pin versions are offered. Depending on the contact surface (silver or gold), they accomplish a mechanical lifetime of at least 500 or 1000 mating cycles, respectively. The products are provided with screw locking and are created for industrial environments according to protection degree IP67.


By Seb Springall

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