All-in-one hybrid power drive module solution for electric aviation applications

25-01-2023 | Microchip Technology | Power

Microchip Technology Inc has released a new comprehensive hybrid power drive module, the first variant launched in the new product line of power devices will be provided in 12 different variants with either SiC MOSFETs or IGBTs.

These hybrid power drive modules are highly integrated power semiconductor devices that lower the number of components and simplify the overall system design. The configurable power devices comprise a three-bridge topology in SiC or Si semiconductor technologies. Supplying a compact design and low weight and profile, these high-reliability power devices help decrease the size and weight of MEAs.

Other essential capabilities of these hybrid power drive modules incorporate numerous auxiliary power devices that enable an inrush current limit function. Optional add-on abilities include soft start, solenoid interface drive, regenerative brake switch and thermal sensors for external monitoring circuitry usage. The power modules also enable high-switching frequency power generation, which allows smaller and more efficient systems.

The standard voltage of the power modules varies from 650V to 1200V, with the option to customise up to 1700V on request. The device is created for low inductances for high-power density with power and signal connectors that can be solderable directly on the user’s PCB.

“Microchip is committed to developing products that serve as the building block to implement lighter, more compact and highly efficient system solutions in aviation,” said Leon Gross, corporate vice president of Microchip’s discrete power management business unit.

“The hybrid power drive modules deliver a comprehensive power solution for our customers who are designing More Electric Aircraft.”


By Seb Springall

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