Reliable performance with SMA interconnect designed for extreme exposure

15-12-2022 | Amphenol | Industrial

Amphenol RF has expanded its alternate plating portfolio with a new RF connector developed for applications in demanding environments needing a more ruggedised solution. The extreme exposure RF interconnect has an additional SMA bulkhead jack. This connector is a waterproof, IP67-rated solution developed to terminate to flexible, low-loss LMR 400 cables. As well as the standard features of this interface, this connector provides an extra layer of protection that protects against harsh external elements. The unique tin-nickel plating is validated for up to 720 hours of corrosive resistance when directly exposed to salt spray.

This SMA connector is produced with a brass body, coated in tin-nickel plating and a gold-plated brass contact and delivers reliable RF performance up to 6GHz. Bulkhead connectors are intended to be inserted into an enclosure which are tightened with a lock washer and nut. The IP67 ingress protection is produced utilising specialised O-rings and gaskets surrounding the dielectric and centre contact to stop damage to expensive internal components.

The extreme exposure SMA interconnect is ideal for marine GPS, remote base stations and environmental measurement equipment applications. This connector adds to a robust portfolio of ruggedised interconnect that provides reliable performance under demanding conditions.


By Seb Springall