LED paste introduced for advanced mini/microLED applications

09-12-2022 | Indium Corporation | Industrial

Indium Corporation has extended its portfolio of proven pastes with a new no-clean, halogen-free solder paste developed for advanced LED applications, incorporating COB, COG, SMT, and other LED varieties.

LEDPaste NC38HF combines superior wetting performance with outstanding stencil print transfer efficiency to fulfil the widest variety of process needs for miniLED applications. It provides excellent printability down to 60-micron apertures. MiniLEDs generally offer a length of less than 240 microns on the component edge; this material delivers excellent compatibility with the existing size of miniLEDs and as future die continue to miniaturise.

The paste delivers consistent, tight solder deposit spread over multiple prints and exceptional response-to-pause characteristics. It provides minimal voiding on tight-pitch components, supplying joint strength on small components

Industry-leading non-wet open performance utilising superior oxidation barrier technology, allowing reduced solder ball and solder beading defects and enhanced graping performance. Its enhanced slump performance, with minimal bridging during the assembly process, improves yields for tight-pitch components.